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What is The Theological Institute for the New Evangelization?

“For all things are for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people into a public act of thanksgiving, it abounds to the glory of God. … For the love of Christ impels us….” (2 Corinthians 4:15, 5:14)

The Theological Institute at Saint John’s Seminary provides whole-person formation for your mission in Christ. The Institute serves the laity, deacons, and professed religious.

Through the Theological Institute, the Seminary is making its theological and formational expertise in training seminarians even more widely available, building on the solid foundation of more than a decade of experience with the Master of Arts in Ministry program, the Seminary's breakthrough initiative in lay outreach.

The Theological Institute's programs include:

  1. The Master of Arts in Ministry (MAM) degree program, which Dr. Aldona Lingertat, Ph.D directs. Since 1999, MAM has graduated close to one hundred students and has reached many more with its distinctive brand of whole-person formation for lay ecclesial ministry and evangelization in the parish.
  2. The new Master of Theological Studies for the New Evangelization (MTS), an innovative academic degree which began in the fall of 2011, is oriented toward forming students for the specific lay apostolate of injecting God’s love, the Spirit of Jesus Christ, into the deepest rhythms of worldly life. Dr. Angela Franks, Ph.D. directs the program. Its whole-person formation offers students the opportunity to integrate faith, reason, and desire; grow in their love for God; and equip themselves with the skills they need to spread the Gospel of life and love to a world in need of hope. 
  3. The Seminary initiated its non-degree Certificate Programs in 2009, including certificates based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and one oriented to apologetics, which have reached over 200 students over the past three years with low-cost yet intensive adult faith formation.

The President of The Theological Institute is Reverend Christopher O’Connor, the Vice President for Mission is J. David Franks, Ph.D., and the Administrative Vice President is Dr. Aldona Lingertat.  Dr. Angela Franks is the Director of Theology Programs, which includes the Foundational and Advanced Certificate programs.

Are you called to serve in a parish?  Are you called to evangelize your friends and family about the truth of the Catholic faith?  To inject the love of Christ into family life, the workplace, and culture?  To grow in your faith and in your friendship with God? 

Can the Theological Institute help you to fulfill your mission in Christ?